Put That Fish to Work!

We don’t mean working in an office, like in the picture. We’re wondering: how many fish would it take to pull a boat? Bluefin tuna can grow to be 15 feet long and 1,500 pounds — and they can swim 40 miles per hour. A couple years ago, a 700-pound tuna pulled a boat around for 8 miles. But most fish are much smaller. This fisherman estimates an 8-pound bass could pull 5 pounds. Let’s do some math to figure out how many fish it would take to pull you! 

Wee ones: Look at the picture. Do you think there are more than 3 fish in the picture? Hold up 3 fingers to compare.

Little kids: If a tuna pulls you 8 miles, how many miles do you have to swim on your own to go a total of 10 miles? Bonus: How much longer than you is a 15-foot tuna? Subtract your height from 15 feet! 

Big kids: If it takes 40 bass fish to pull a rowboat, and each fish is pulling 5 pounds, how much are they pulling altogether? Bonus: How many of those fish would it take to pull 1 ton – 2,000 pounds?  


Wee ones: Yes, there are more than 3 fish in that picture! 

Little kids: 2 miles. Bonus: Different for everyone: that fish might be 10 feet longer than you – or more!

Big kids: 200 pounds. Bonus: 400 bass fish.

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