Pasta That Pops

Pasta comes in many shapes like long spaghetti, bendy macaroni or curly fusilli. But what if your pasta could change shapes? That’s the idea behind this pasta that pops into a new shape as it cooks in water. The trick is that some parts cook more slowly than the rest, so it curls up, and your dinner comes with a surprise ending.

Wee ones: Put a piece of paper flat on the table. Can you curl it into a new shape?

Little kids: If you eat a short piece of pasta, then a long noodle, then a short piece, then a long noodle, which style of pasta do you eat next? Bonus: This pasta takes 12 minutes of cooking to pop into shape. If you’ve been cooking for 7 minutes, how many minutes of cooking are left?

Big kids: If a normal box of curly spaghetti has 100 noodles and this type can fit 50% more noodles in the box, how many noodles can fit in the box? Bonus: If that pasta is 12 inches long before cooking but only 10 inches long after cooking, how many more cooked noodles than dry noodles would it take to make a 5-foot long line of pasta?


Wee ones: Try to bend or wrap the paper into a new shape! For example, you could make a tube like ziti.

Little kids: A short piece.  Bonus: 5 more minutes.

Big kids: 150 noodles. Bonus: Just 1 more cooked noodle. There are 60 inches in 5 feet, so it takes 60 / 10 = 6 cooked noodles to add up to 5 feet, compared to 60 / 12 = 5 dry noodles.

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