One Long Ride

Nobody wants to go for the world’s longest car ride. But what about a ride in the longest car? It’s a 100-foot long limousine with 26 wheels! This car is so long it has to bend in the middle, otherwise it couldn’t turn. It needs 2 people to drive it, and way, way more people to fill it. And those people should bring swimsuits, because this car has a pool in it!

Wee ones: Wheels are circles (looking at them from the side). Can you find 4 things in your room that can roll like a wheel?

Little kids: In that front stretch of 8 windows, if the passengers roll down every other one starting with the 1st, are more windows rolled down, or up, or is the number the same? Use your fingers if it helps!  Bonus: If a normal car is 15 feet long, would a line of 10 normal cars be longer than the 100-foot long world record car?

Big kids: If you can bring 48 friends with you in a school bus or 96 friends with you in the world-record limo, which can carry more people, 2 full busses or 1 full limo?  Bonus: If 1/3 of your 87 friends can fit in the car’s swimming pool at a time, how many friends can fit?

Wee ones: Items might include toy balls, cups and plates (even if they can’t roll in a straight line), and of course, wheels on toy cars!

Little kids: The same number of windows. 4 are up, 4 are down. Bonus: Yes, because 10 x 15 = 150 feet of cars.

Big kids: The 2 school busses hold more, because the bus can hold 49 people, and 49 + 49 = 98 people, compared to a total of 97 in the limo. Bonus: 29 people, because 87 / 3 = 29. You might notice that 87 = 90 – 3, so there is 1 less 3 in 87 than there is in 90.

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