No Slow Snowman

Have you ever seen snow? Many parts of America just got (millions of) tons of snow, but other places almost never get snow. One place like that is Tampa, a warm city in Florida. A kindergarten teacher in Tampa learned that only 2 of her students had ever seen snow. So she asked her sister in Kentucky, which just had a snowstorm, to help. Her sister made a snowman, named him “Lucky” and bundled him up in a cooler with ice packs. Then she mailed Lucky to Florida! He showed up the next day, as cool as ever.   

Wee ones: A snowman is usually made out of 3 snowballs of different sizes. Draw a snowman like this by stacking 3 circles, with the smallest on top and the biggest on the bottom. Why do you think the top snowball should be smaller than the bottom one? 

Little kids: If Lucky the snowman was “born” last Wednesday, is he at least 1 week (7 days) old now, on Monday? Start counting with Thursday as 1 day old! Bonus: If 2 kids in this class had seen snow, but there are 24 in the whole class, how many kids in the class hadn’t seen snow? 

Big kids: If you need 5 buttons to make 1 snowman and you have 65 buttons, how many snowmen can you make? Bonus: What if you use only 4 buttons per snowman – how many complete snowmen can you make then?  


Wee ones: Because it’s easier to get a smaller ball to balance on top of a bigger ball! 

Little kids: No! He is only 5 days old. Bonus: 22 kids. 

Big kids: 13 snowmen. Bonus: 16 snowmen, with 1 button left over. 

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