Ship Me a Snowman

Tampa, a city in Florida, is too warm to get snow. A kindergarten teacher there learned that only 2 of her students had ever seen snow. So her sister in Kentucky made a snowman for them. She named him “Lucky,” bundled him up with ice packs, and shipped him to Florida! He showed up the next day, as cool as ever.

Wee ones: A snowman is usually made out of 3 snowballs of different sizes. Draw a snowman like this by stacking 3 circles, with the smallest on top and the biggest on the bottom. Why do you think the top snowball should be smaller than the bottom one? 

Little kids: If Lucky the snowman was “born” last Wednesday, is he at least 1 week (7 days) old now, on Monday? Start counting with Thursday as 1 day old! Bonus: If 2 kids in this class had seen snow, but there are 24 in the whole class, how many kids in the class hadn’t seen snow? 

Big kids: If you need 5 buttons to make 1 snowman and you have 65 buttons, how many snowmen can you make? Bonus: What if you use only 4 buttons per snowman – how many complete snowmen can you make then?  


Wee ones: Because it’s easier to get a smaller ball to balance on top of a bigger ball! 

Little kids: No! He is only 5 days old. Bonus: 22 kids. 

Big kids: 13 snowmen. Bonus: 16 snowmen, with 1 button left over. 

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