Meet the Penguins

Connecticut is one more state proving that great things come in small packages. While it’s the 3rd smallest state, it is home to 3.5 million people – plus all the slimy, splashing, slurping sea creatures at Mystic Aquarium! This aquarium has whales, sharks, seals, turtles and many other critters. Even better, you can also meet one of the aquarium’s 31 African penguins! These cute little guys are just 2 feet tall, but can dive more than 100 feet underwater – while holding their breath up to 4 minutes. This just might be the splashiest stop on our Road Trip!

Wee ones: Aquarium animals splash in the water. Fill a sink, bowl or bathtub with some water, and smack it 5 times with your hand to splash it!

Little kids: Are you taller than a 2-foot African penguin? If so, by how much? Bonus:If there are 34 types of animals at Mystic Aquarium and you can touch 3 of them, how many types of animals can’t you touch?

Big kids: If you have 70 fish to feed the Mystic penguins, and 28 penguins each eat 2 fish for dinner while the remaining 3 penguins each eat 3 fish, do you have enough fish? Bonus: If every 3rd penguin (starting with the 3rd) flaps its wings and every 4th penguin (starting with the 4th) gives you a high 5, how many of the 31 penguins flap their wings AND give you a high 5? Which ones?






Wee ones: Splash the water while you count: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

Little kids: Different for everyone – figure out your height in feet (or feet and inches), and subtract 2 feet from it! Bonus: 31 types of animals.

Big kids: Yes! They will eat 56 fish + 9 fish = 65 fish. Bonus: 2 penguins: the 12th and 24th.

Learn how to join our Road Trip here!

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