Life in a Haunted House

In haunted houses, people dress up like monsters to make you jump! Now imagine actually living in a haunted house with spooky creatures. Ghosts might drink your milk, and you wouldn’t want to use the shower after a werewolf. The broom would go missing anytime the witch went anywhere, and Dracula would keep you up all night. Pretty frightful! 

Wee Ones: If you take 6 bites of a granola bar but the werewolf sneaks 1 bite, who takes more bites?

Little Kids: If Molly the Mummy falls asleep Monday morning and sleeps until Wednesday night, during how many weekdays did she sleep?
Bonus: When Molly wakes up her outfit is all a mess, so she wraps herself in another 12 squares of toilet paper. If instead she shared the 12 squares with her fellow mummies, how many ways could she share them equally?

Big Kids: Who needs alarm clocks when a banshee is downstairs? If the banshee screams at sunrise at 7:18am and every 5 minutes after that, how many screams do you hear before 8am?
Bonus: Frankenstein’s monster needs a monster-sized bed! He tries a California King, which is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long, but then upgrades to an Alaskan King, which is 108 wide and 108 inches long. How many more square feet are in the Alaskan King than the California King?


Wee Ones: You take more bites.

Little Kids: On 3 days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
Bonus: Molly could give: 1 square apiece to 12 mummies, 2 squares to 6 mummies, 3 squares to 4 mummies, 4 squares to 3 mummies, 6 squares to 2 mummies, or 12 squares all to 1 mummy.

Big Kids: 9 screams. There are 8 more screams on the 3s and 8s: 7:23, 7:28, 7:33, 7:38… 
Bonus: 39 square feet - nearly twice the area! The Alaskan King has 9 x 9 or 81 square feet while the California King has 6 x 7 or 42 square feet.

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