How to Make a World Record Stick

A popsicle is a tasty frozen treat that comes on a not-so-tasty stick. So what do you do with the stick when you’re done? Well, you could try to set a world record! One kid named Eric Klabel put together 1,750 popsicle sticks (and 2 pounds of glue) to make a 20-foot tall tower – 5 feet taller than the old world record tower. The only question is, who helped him eat all those popsicles?

Wee ones: If the tower is taller than a school bus, is it taller than you?

Little kids: Someone ate a LOT of popsicles to make this thing. If Eric ate a blue popsicle, then a red one, then a yellow one, then a blue popsicle again to repeat, what color did he eat next? Bonus: Someone else once tried to make a 25-foot tall popsicle, but (surprise!) it melted. How many feet taller was that than this 20-foot tall tower? Say the numbers to count from 20 to 25.

Big kids: If this 20-foot tower is 5 times as tall as Eric, how tall is Eric? Bonus: If Eric didn’t eat all those popsicles, but instead bought 2 boxes of 1,000 sticks each, how many sticks were left over from his 1,750-stick tower?


Wee ones: Yes, because you’re shorter than a school bus, and the school bus is shorter than the tower!

Little kids: Red. Bonus: 5 feet taller: 21, 22, 23, 24, 25.

Big kids: 4 feet tall. Bonus: 250 sticks.

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