How Big Is the Biggest Cat?

Too big to fit on your lap – or even a couch! The biggest cats on Earth are “ligers” – part lion and part tiger. Ligers are nearly 12 feet long and weigh more than 900 pounds. But they  do what pretty much any cat does: sleep, play, and eat. And if they like you, they’ll give you the biggest cuddle in the world.

Wee ones: A liger roars more like a lion than a housecat. While counting in your head, roar 5 times!

Little kids: Do you think you’re 12 feet long? Stretch out a tape measure on the floor, then lie down next to it with your arms over your head. How long are you from fingertip to toes? Bonus: Ligers are also 4 feet tall at the shoulder. Is your shoulder 4 feet above the floor? Measure to find out!

Big kids: If a liger weighs 500 pounds more than a lion and 200 pounds more than a tiger, how much more does the tiger weigh than the lion? Bonus: If a big cat eats 30 pounds of meat every day, how many days does it take to eat more than his own weight of 922 pounds?


Wee ones: Count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 roars.

Little kids: Different for everyone, but we’re pretty sure you’re not 11 feet long! Bonus: Again, different for everyone, but your shoulder is probably around 6-12 inches less than your total height.

Big kids: The tiger weighs 300 pounds more, because 500 – 200 = 300. Bonus: 31 days. 30 days brings him to 900 pounds, and the 31st to 930 pounds.

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