Hey, That Otter Took My Surfboard!

Otters have such a fun splashy life. They hang onto seaweed and each other to make a “raft” when they sleep, so they don’t float apart. Well, in this video an otter decides this swimmer’s surfboard would really make that raft strong. So the otter took the board and chased the surfer right off it! The otter certainly can take a nice nap on there, but let’s see if she can catch a wave. 

Wee Ones: Otters have 4 furry legs. How many legs do you have, and who has more? 

Little Kids: The sea otter also took a bite out of the surfboard. If the otter takes 3 bites of fish, then a bite of surfboard, then 4 more bits of fish, how many bites is that?
Bonus: 14 nearby otters think this all looks fun. 3 of them leave to ride (or eat) the surfboard. How many otters stay behind?

Big Kids: Sea otters weigh around 60 pounds. If the surfboard can hold up to 240 pounds without sinking, how many otters can ride on there?
Bonus: If the surfer weighs 145 pounds, now how many otters can ride without sinking everybody?


Wee Ones: An otter has more legs than a person. 

Little Kids: 8 bites. 
Bonus: 11 otters. 

Big Kids: 4 otters. 
Bonus: Just 1 otter with the 145-pound surfer. The surfboard can take only 95 more pounds.

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