A Mile of Pizza

How would you like to try try eating a pizza that’s a mile long?! In 2016 in Naples, Italy, 250 pizza chefs got together to make 6,082-foot long pizza. The pizza used more than 2 *tons* of flour, 2 tons of cheese, and 3,500 pounds of tomatoes. It was then rolled through 5 giant ovens, each of which needed 25 people to run it. The whole thing weighed 5 tons in total!

Wee ones: If the pizza used flour, cheese, tomatoes and olive oil, how many ingredients is that?

Little kids: If the pizza used about 2 tons each of flour, cheese and tomatoes, how many tons of food is that?  Bonus: A ton is 2,000 pounds. How many pounds is 6 tons? Count up by 2s (2,000s) to find out!

Big kids: If a person can eat 2 pounds of pizza before feeling way too full, how many people can that 6-ton pizza feed? (Again, a ton has 2,000 pounds)  Bonus: If they gave you 28 slices of your own, and you eat 1 slice per day starting on a Monday, on what day of the week do you eat the last one?

The sky’s the limit: If the 250 pizza makers wanted to work together in equal-sized groups, how many ways could they have split up evenly?

Wee ones: 4 ingredients.

Little kids: 6 tons.  Bonus: 12,000 pounds!

Big kids: 6,000 people.  Bonus: On a Sunday. You have an even number of sets of 7, and remember, each set starting on a Monday (day 1) finishes on a Sunday (day 7).

The sky’s the limit: 8 ways, because 250 has a lot of “factors” (numbers that divide into it evenly). They could form:

1 group of 250 people
2 groups of 125 people
5 groups of 50
10 groups of 25
25 groups of 10
50 groups of 5
125 groups of 2

250 groups of 1.

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