Yes, You’re Made of Water

As you know, your body has many parts. What’s crazy is that more than half your weight is just plain old water. We just don’t notice, since all that water is mixed into our blood, skin, and other body parts. Meanwhile, bones take up about 1/7th of your weight. Next time you drink some water, think of it as putting more of you back inside you.

Wee ones: Half your weight is water. Find something in the room about half as big as you.

Little kids: If you’re carrying 5 pounds of bone and 6 pounds of skin, how much would you weigh if you were just “skin and bones”?  Bonus: How much more than your bones does your skin weigh?

Big kids: Find out your weight in pounds. If you stand on a scale and drink 2 pounds of water (4 cups), now how much do you weigh?  Bonus: If you weigh 70 pounds, and exactly half of you is water and 1/7 is bones, how much of your weight is other stuff?                    





Wee ones: Items might include a big stuffed animal, a giant pillow, or a bean bag chair.

Little kids: 11 pounds.  Bonus: 1 pound more.

Big kids: Different for everyone…add 2 to your weight in pounds.  Bonus: 25 pounds, since you have 35 pounds of water and 10 pounds of bone.

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