Take a Walk with a Fish

People walk, fish swim… but it turns out fish can walk, too. As our friend Michael B. just shared, scientists deep under the sea found a fish walking on the ocean floor. It’s called a pink frogmouth, and as you see in the video, it uses its fins like feet. It’s not the cutest fish, but you have to admit, it has skills.

Wee ones: Take a step with your left foot. Now take a step with your right! How many steps have you taken?

Little kids: If the fish walks with 2 funny fins in front and 2 funny fins in the back, how many fins does it use?  Bonus: If it takes a step with a front fin, then a back fin, then a front fin, then back to repeat, which kind of fin takes the 11th step?

Big kids: If you can swim down 100 feet each minute, how many minutes would it take you to reach a fish 800 feet deep? (And yes, you have an air tank!)  Bonus: How many more minutes would it take to swim down 1,000 feet to catch another frogmouth?

The sky’s the limit: If the frogmouth takes 20 teeny steps for each of yours as you “walk” together, how many steps do you take if the fish has taken 1,900 more steps than you have?

Wee ones: 2 steps.

Little kids: 4 fins.  Bonus: A front fin.

Big kids: 8 minutes.  Bonus: 2 more minutes, since the new trip would take 10 minutes total.

The sky’s the limit: 100 steps. The fish takes 19 more steps than you on each of yours, and 1,900 has 100 of those “sets.”

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