A Turtle That Makes Movies

This movie was a team effort: some scientists strapped a video camera onto the back of a sea turtle. We can now watch everything the turtle saw while swimming through the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. Sea turtles swim at less than 2 miles an hour but can stay underwater for 5 minutes at a time. Many of them swim up to 1,500 miles to lay eggs on the same beach where they were born. Carrying a camera is easier!

Wee ones: If a turtle has 2 back legs and 2 front legs, how many legs does it have?

Little kids: Sea turtles swim as slowly as we walk. Walk across the room and count your steps. What number did you reach?  Bonus: Sea turtles’ shells have 5 hexagon shapes on top, with 4 pentagons on the left and 4 more on the right. How many total shapes is that?

Big kids: If the turtle goes underwater at exactly 3:55 pm and stays under for 5 minutes, at what time does it come up?  Bonus: If this turtle is 51 years old, how much longer than you has it lived — or how much longer have you lived?

Wee ones: 4 legs.

Little kids: Different for everyone…see if you can count that high!  Bonus: 13 shapes.

Big kids: At 4:00 pm. Those 5 minutes finish the 60 minutes in the hour.  Bonus: Different for everyone…subtract your age in years from 51, or subtract 51 from your age.

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