Three Birthdays Every Day

A “year” is the time our Earth takes to go all the way around our Sun – and then you get another birthday. But some planets are much speedier than Earth. Kepler-78b goes around its sun in just 8 hours! That’s right: 8 hours from now everyone there will turn 1 “year” older. Actually, no one lives there, because the temperature is over 3000 degrees. Makes it hard to serve ice cream cake!

Wee ones: If you’re going to have 3 birthdays today, what ages will you turn today? Count up 3 years from your age!

Little kids: If your 2nd “birthday” today is at 1 pm, at what time is your last one 8 hours later?  Bonus: If you serve cake only on every 4th birthday, including your middle one today, at which birthday will you serve cake again? (Just the day and first/middle/last, not the time).

Big kids: If your 1st birthday was today at 7 am, at what time was your last birthday yesterday?  Bonus: If you get 3 birthdays a day, how old will you be 1 Earth week from now?

Wee ones: Different for everyone…count up the next 3 numbers from your age today!

Little kids: At 9 pm.  Bonus: At your last birthday tomorrow.

Big kids: At 11 pm (since midnight was just 7 hours earlier).  Bonus: Different for everyone…add 21 to your age!

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