A Teddy a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

It’s no fun being sick in the hospital, especially as a kid. So a boy named Campbell Remess wanted to buy stuffed animals for kids in the hospital. But that would cost a lot of money. So Campbell did the math: if he bought furry fabric and sewed on little eyes and noses himself, he could make more stuffed animals with the same money! He started making 1 stuffed animal a day all year, and “Project 365” was born. Check out his awesome fluffy friends!

Wee ones: Find a teddy bear or other stuffed animal (or any toy animal). Count the eyes. Now count its feet. Does it have more eyes, or more feet?

Little kids: If you make mittens for your 2 hands and for your teddy bear’s 4 paws, how many mittens do you make?  Bonus: If Campbell makes 4 teddy bears in a day, how many eyes does he sew onto them? (Each one gets 2 eyes.)

Big kids: A couple of years ago, Campbell made 405 stuffed animals in 1 year. How many more than 1 toy per day did he make? (Reminder: A year has 365 days).  Bonus: If Campbell started with $120, and he could buy teddy bears at $10 per bear or make them at $6 per bear, how many MORE bears could he give kids by making them?

Wee ones: Unless it’s a bird or other 2-footed animal, it probably has more feet than its 2 eyes.

Little kids: 6 mittens.  Bonus: 8 teddy-bear eyes.

Big kids: 40 more toys.  Bonus: 8 more bears. He could buy 12 teddy bears with the money, but he could make 20 bears himself.

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