The Tacocopter

Wouldn’t it be awesome if a tiny helicopter zoomed over you and dropped a snack into your hands? That was the idea behind the Tacocopter, a drone that could fly tacos to people. A drone is a small, remote-controlled flying object. Tacocopter turned out to be a made-up joke, but before that news came out, lots of people had already tried to order tacos. It’s just that great an idea. Could we have a Cheetocopter? A Chococopter? Let’s see how fast the snacks add up.

Wee ones: If the tacocopter delivers tacos, burritos, corn chips and candy bars, how many types of snacks does it serve?

Little kids: If the Tacocopter hovers 9 feet above you, then drops down 2 feet, then flies up 1 foot, how high above you is it now?  Bonus: If 2 Crunchcopters fly over you, and each one brings you 2 bags of pretzels and 2 bags of chips, how many bags of snacks do you get?

Big kids: What if we had a Pinatacopter: for every 5 tacos you order, the Pinatacopter drops a pound of candy. To get 6 pounds of candy, how many tacos do you need to order?  Bonus: If you and your friends order 45 tacos, how many pounds of candy will come raining down?

Wee ones: 4 snacks.

Little kids: 8 feet above you.  Bonus: 8 bags, since each Crunchcopter brings you 4 bags.

Big kids: 30 tacos.  Bonus: 9 pounds, since you ordered 9 sets of 5 tacos.

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