Bears in the Backyard Pool

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Bears in the Backyard Pool

August 25, 2017

Kiddie pools are a great place to cool off. Well, turns out bears like to cool off too. A New Jersey family was pretty surprised when they looked out the window and saw a bear family splashing around in their backyard pool! In the video the family filmed, the bears start off pretty calm, but soon they start tugging on the hose, sliding on the kids’ slide, and breaking their toys. The water starts looking pretty gross, too. Bears can be strong swimmers, and they’re just as good at popping beach balls!

Wee ones: How many bears can you count in the picture?

Little kids: If there are 6 bears and just 1 is a grown-up (the mama), how many bear cubs are there?  Bonus: If there were 20 bears and the 1st bear slides down the slide, then the 3rd bear, then the 5th bear…which number bear would be next?

Big kids: How many paws do those 6 bears have for splashing?  Bonus: If the 5 cubs each weigh 60 pounds and the mama weighs 190 pounds, how much do the 6 bears weigh all together?




Wee ones: 6 bears.

Little kids: 5 cubs.  Bonus: The 7th bear.

Big kids: 24 paws.  Bonus: 490 pounds.

And thank you John O. for sending us this story!

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