“Training” Dogs

Turns out some animals get home the same way we do: by train! There are a few dogs in the Russian city of Moscow who know how to ride the subway. No one knows how the pups know when to get on and off at their regular stops, but somehow they do it. So if you’re ever lost on the Moscow Metro, just ask a dog which way to go — and remember to give him a bone to thank him.

Wee ones: If your dog rides the train to the city, then home, then to the city, then home…where does your dog go next?

Little kids: If 7 dogs get on the train, then 1 dog gets off, then 2 dogs get on, how many dogs are on the train now?  Bonus: If 4 of those dogs bark at the train whistle, how many don’t?

Big kids: If in January 3 dogs ride the train every day, then in February there are 5 dogs in total, then in March there are 7 dogs…how many would ride in June to keep the pattern?  Bonus: How many more dogs would need to join the ones riding in June for them to have 60 doggie paws in total?

Wee ones: To the city.

Little kids: 8 dogs.  Bonus: 4 dogs.

Big kids: 13 dogs, since it’s 3 months later and you add 2 dogs each month.  Bonus: 2 more dogs, since you need 15 dogs to have 60 paws.

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