Big Snack, Little Snack

Have you ever wondered how much you’d need to eat if you ate just donuts, or just carrots, or just cake? Every food has “calories,” which count up the energy that that food gives us. So an app called Calorific shows you how much of any food will give you 200 calories. It takes a whole plate of carrots to hit 200 calories, but just a teeny slice of apple pie has the same count. 1 bowl of spinach, or 2/3 of a sprinkle donut…if you do the math, you can find out how big your snack can be.

Wee ones: How many types of food can you count in the picture?

Little kids: Which food is on the right side of the picture?  Bonus: Which has more calories, a 180-calorie muffin or a 200-calorie cookie?

Big kids: To “use up” 1 donut, you have to run hard for at least 40 minutes. If you start at 3:10 pm, until when do you have to run?  Bonus: Just 5 mini-hot dogs (“pigs in blankets”) add up to 200 calories. How many calories does each mini hot dog have?

Wee ones: 2 foods – blueberry muffin and blueberries.

Little kids: The blueberries.  Bonus: The cookie.

Big kids: Until 3:50 pm.  Bonus: 40 calories each.

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