Hang On to That Horse!

As our fan Michael L. just shared with us, there’s a crazy sport called skijoring that combines horse-riding and skiing. The skier straps 2 long, smooth boards called “skis” to his or her feet, and holds a 30-foot rope tied to a horse. The horse starts running, and the skier hangs on for dear life while being pulled across the snow.  A horse can run 30 mph or more, so you need to hold on tight!

Wee ones: The skier wears 2 matching skis. Try to spot 2 things in your room that are exactly the same as each other.

Little kids: How many legs do the horse and skijorer have together?  Bonus: If you grab 6 hoops on your left arm, then 8 on your right, then 5 on your left, which arm caught more hoops in total?

Big kids: If you can ski 15 miles an hour on your own but twice as fast when pulled by a horse, how fast do you ski with the horse?  Bonus: Mystery number: We can’t tell you our horse’s top speed, but if you double it, add 2, and double it again, you get 208. How fast is the horse?

Wee ones: Answers could include socks, building blocks, pieces of Lego, or hair ties.

Little kids: 6 legs.  Bonus: More with the left, since it grabbed 11 while the right grabbed 8.

Big kids: 30 miles an hour.  Bonus: 51 miles an hour. That last doubling came from 104; before adding the 2, it had to be 102; and if it doubled to 102, it started at 51.

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