How Many People Share Your Birthday?

Your birthday is the best day ever. It marks an exact number of years since the day you were born. So how many people share your birthday? Well, every day about 373,000 babies are born! That’s about 260 babies every minute. So even a few years ago when you were born, hundreds of thousands of others were, too, and a couple hundred have the same exact time as you. But don’t worry — you still get your own cake.

Wee ones: How many years ago were you born? Count up to your age!

Little kids: How old will you be on your next birthday?  Bonus: What’s the month and date of your birthday? How many months until your next birthday?

Big kids: Which do you think is closer, your last birthday or the birthday that’s coming up? Bonus: If it’s a slow day and only 240 babies are born in 1 minute, how many babies are born each second? (Reminder if needed: there are 60 seconds in a minute.)

The sky’s the limit: If 373,000 babies (including you) were born the day you were born, how many people share your exact birthdate?

Wee ones: Different for everyone…and count 1, 2, 3…to your age.

Little kids: Different for everyone: add 1 to your age today. Bonus: Different for everyone again. If you read this in March and your birthday is April, that’s about 1 month away; May is 2 months away; and so on.

Big kids: For birthdays from now up to and including October 18, your next birthday is closer (if you read this on April 19). For birthdays since last October 19 up to today, your last birthday is closer.  Bonus: 4 babies every second!

The sky’s the limit: 372,999 other people.

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