Reading a Book to Fluffy

Just as it’s great to do bedtime math, it’s great to have someone read you a bedtime story. And your pets might want to listen, too. The Animal Rescue in Birdsboro, PA decided to ask kids to adopt cats at the shelter and read to them, in their “Book Buddies Program.” The cat might have no clue what you’re saying, but probably likes the pictures.

Wee ones: Most book covers are rectangles. Can you find a rectangle near you?

Little kids: If there are 5 cats, and 6 kids come to read to them one at a time, how many cats get to be read to twice?  Bonus: How many cats and kids are there in total?

Big kids: If dogs could read out loud, and 5 dogs read to 25 cats, how many cats does each dog take if they divide into equal groups?  Bonus: If each animal can enjoy a book for 15 minutes, and kids sign up for 1 hour at a time, how many pets can each kid read to in that time? (Reminder if needed: An hour has 60 minutes.)

Wee ones: Rectangles may include books, windows and doors, game or cereal boxes…see how many rectangles you can spot!

Little kids: 1 cat.  Bonus: 11 participants.

Big kids: 5 cats per dog.  Bonus: 4 pets.

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