Pocket-Sized Pooches

Dogs make great pets: it’s so nice to snuggle that big, furry bundle. But it’s hard to hug a dog who’s as small as your hand! The world’s smallest dog by length is a Chihuahua named Heaven Sent Brandy. She’s only 6 inches long even though she’s fully grown. Then there’s the world’s smallest dog by height, Milly. She’s a Chihuahua too, and is only 3.8 inches tall. She weighs only 1 pound. Just to compare, the longest tongue on a dog is over 7 inches long, belonging to a St. Bernard named Mochi. Maybe Milly and Brandy want to stay out of his way!

Wee ones: If Heaven Sent Brandy is 6 inches long and Milly is 1 inch longer, how long is Milly?

Little kids: How many legs do Heaven Sent Brandy and Milly have together?  Bonus: Which weighs more, Milly at 16 ounces, or 4 iphones at 5 ounces each? Count up by 5s!

Big kids: Milly was born in 2011, while Heaven Sent Brandy was born 8 years earlier. How old was Heaven Sent Brandy when she set the world record in 2005?  Bonus: If Mochi’s tongue is 7 1/4 inches long and Milly is just 6 inches, how much longer is Mochi’s tongue?




Wee ones: 7 inches.

Little kids: 8 legs.  Bonus: The 4 iPhones are heavier, at 20 ounces.

Big kids: 2 years old, since she was born in 2003.  Bonus: 1 1/4 inches longer.

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