Surprise Ice

Building an ice skating rink is a big project, and as long as you’re doing all that work, you might as well make the ice pink. That’s what the Boca Raton Resort in Florida, U.S. does in the winter. The ice really is pink, and looks even pinker thanks to pink lights inside the tent. The hotel itself is famous for being painted pink, so it’s nice that all the colors match — and that they can keep it frozen in the warm Florida weather!

Wee ones: Name 3 things that are very cold.

Little kids: If you skate around the pink rink 4 times, then skate the other way 2 times, how many times around have you skated?  Bonus: If you skate with 5 friends, how many stripes will your skate blades make in the ice?

Big kids: If it’s 82 degrees outside in Boca Raton, and the ice is 18 degrees, how much warmer is the air outside the tent?  Bonus: If the temperature of the air in the tent is halfway between the two, how warm is the tent?

Wee ones: Items might include ice cubes, ice cream, or popsicles.

Little kids: 6 times around.  Bonus: 12 stripes, since you have 6 pairs of skates.

Big kids: 64 degrees warmer.  Bonus: 50 degrees (32 degrees from each).

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