Pillow Fight for Pets

How would you feel if you went to bed at night ready to sleep, and found someone already sleeping in your spot? That’s what happens to a small dog in this video, when the cat of the house tries to take over the doggie bed. The French bulldog is not happy at all, and tries to scare off the cat, who just sits there and doesn’t seem to care. This pup may lose this pillow fight.

Wee ones: If the pup drags the doggie bed (and cat) 6 feet down the room, takes a breath, and then drags it 1 foot more, how many feet did he drag it?

Little kids: How many paws do these 2 pillow-fighters have in total?  Bonus: If the dog is 5 years old and moved there when he was 2, and the cat is 9 years old and moved there when he was 4, how long have they lived there together?

Big kids: If the cat pulls this stunt every 3rd day starting on a Sunday, how many times does he do it till it’s on a Sunday again?  Bonus: If the dog weighs 20 pounds and could move 50 times his own weight, how heavy a cat could he shove?

Wee ones: 7 feet.

Little kids: 8 paws.  Bonus: For 3 years, once the dog got there; the cat has been there 5 years.

Big kids: 7 more times: since the week isn’t divisible by 3, he has to cycle through 21 days.  Bonus: 1,000 pounds!

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