When Pets Get out of Jail

Dogs and cats usually don’t get along — except when they’re partners in crime. Pet owner Matt Hirst always closed the kitchen door before leaving the house, to keep his dog and cat in there, but he always found the door open when he got home. So he planted a camera to watch them, and found that the cat had figured out how to open the door. Watch the secret video to see how these furry friends did it!

Wee ones: A cat has 4 paws and a dog has an equal number of paws. How many paws does a dog have?

Little kids: The cat and dog each have 4 paws. How many different pawprints can they make in total?  Bonus: If the cat is 12 inches tall and the dog is just 1 inch taller, how tall is the dog?

Big kids: If the cat tries 4 times to open the door and takes 20 seconds each time, how many seconds does the cat spend trying to break out?  Bonus: If the dog were twice as tall as the cat, and stacked they could stand 42 inches tall, how tall would each one be?

Wee ones: 4 paws.

Little kids: 8 pawprints.  Bonus: 13 inches.

Big kids: 80 seconds, or 1 minute 20 seconds.  Bonus: The cat would be 14 inches, and the dog would be 28 inches. If the dog is twice as tall, stacking the two is like stacking 3 cats who total 42.

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