Eye-Popping Pancakes

Artist Nathan Shields loves pancakes: his pancakes are pictures. By squirting 2 colors of batter on the pan to draw, he cooks it into a design that shows up once the pancake flips over. He draws animals, flowers, and faces from the Harry Potter movies. Now we can wolf down storks, swans and turtles with our syrup.

Wee ones: If the pancake man uses white batter, wheat batter and cocoa-powder batter, how many colors can he cook into his pancake?

Little kids: If Nathan serves you 10 pancakes and the penguin and duck are the only birds, how many pancakes aren’t birds?  Bonus: If 1/2 the remaining pancakes are animals, how many pancakes are not animals?

Big kids: If the photo shows 5 rows of 4 pancakes each, how many pancakes do you see? Try to figure it out without counting one by one!  Bonus: If Nathan can make 11 pancakes from 6 cups of batter, how many can he make from 12 cups?

Wee ones: 3 colors.

Little kids: 8 pancakes.  Bonus: 4 pancakes.

Big kids: 20 pancakes.  Bonus: 22 pancakes, since he has doubled the batter.

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