The Weirdest Fruit You’ve Never Tasted

Sure, you’ve probably eaten apples, bananas, and grapes. But have you ever tasted any of the fruit you see in the picture? That grape-like jabuticaba grows right on the trunk and branches of the tree. The rambutan looks like a furry strawberry, and the horned melon really has horns. And when you eat the berry-like miracle fruit,  everything you eat after it tastes sweet, even broccoli. If you don’t love your veggies, that might be a great weird fruit for you.

Wee ones: If you eat 3 apples and a jabuticaba, how many pieces of fruits do you eat?

Little kids: If you pick 6 jabuticabas from the tree trunk, then climb up and pull 2 more off the branches, how many have you picked?  Bonus: If you try all 20 of these fruits except the snake fruit because that just doesn’t sound good, how many types have you tried?

Big kids: If you try 1/2 of the fruits on this list of 20, then try that snake fruit, how many do you try?  Bonus: If you bite into a miracle fruit at 6:25 pm, and it makes broccoli taste sweet for the next 17 minutes, what’s the latest you get to taste sweet broccoli?











Wee ones: 4 pieces of fruit.

Little kids: 8 jabuticabas.  Bonus: 19 types of fruit.

Big kids: 11 fruits.  Bonus: Until 6:42 pm.

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