How Many of You Are There, Anyway?

Have you ever wondered how many other people share your name? This website tells you how many people have the same first name as you, and the same last name. Some names might show only 5 or 10 people, or even 0. But if you have a first name like Matt or a last name like Rodriguez, there could be a lot. Find a grown-up to search your name with you, and find out whether you’re the only one!

Wee ones: How many letters are in your first name? Spell it out together and count!

Little kids: If there are 15 people named Frieda and 12 people named Freddy, are there more Freddies or Friedas?  Bonus: If 3 of your 20 friends have the same first name as you, how many friends don’t?

Big kids: If there are 7 Joses and twice as many Hannahs in your neighborhood, how many kids in total share a name with someone else?  Bonus: If 20 other people share your first name, 24 people share your last name, and of all those people only 3 share both, how many people share only 1 name with you?

The sky’s the limit: If 20,000 people had your first name the month you were born, and that’s doubled each year since then, could there be 1 million of your name by now?

Wee ones: Different for everyone…count 1, 2, 3 up to the last letter.

Little kids: More Friedas.  Bonus: 17 of your friends.

Big kids: 21 kids, since there are 14 Hannahs along with the 7 Joses. But it’s 22 if you have one of those names yourself!  Bonus: 38 people, because 17 have only your first name, and 21 have only your last name (if you started from 44, you have to subtract 3 twice since the trio gets doubled-counted in the two groups).
The sky’s the limit: Different for everyone…If the count doubled every year, it was 40,000 after the 1st year, then 80,000, then 160,000, then 320,000, then 640,000…then finally 1,280,000 after the 6th year, bringing it past 1,000,000. So if you were born at least 6 years ago, then yes, it could be that many!

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