Monster Milkshakes

Have you ever made a milkshake? You dump ice cream in a cup, pour in some milk, and mix it up into a sweet goopy treat. This kind of milkshake has been around only since 1922, when a worker at Walgreens tried mixing ice cream and milk. But there’s no limit to what you can put on top of a milkshake… cotton candy, cookies, peanut butter cups, pretzels, gummy worms and anything else!

Wee ones: If your mega milkshake has milk, ice cream, cookies, whipped cream and chocolate sauce, how many ingredients does it have?

Little kids: If you try a shake every day this week starting on Sunday, but on Saturday you eat 2 shakes instead, how many do you have in total?  Bonus: If your milkshake is 1 inch shorter than 12 inches, how tall is it?

Big kids: If you get in line at “Monster Milkshakes” at 2:09 pm and wait 1 hour 14 minutes, at what time do you finally get your milkshake?  Bonus: Monster Milkshakes has 3 flavors of shakes: Haunted Chocolate, (Gummy) Worms and Bears, and Vampire Vanilla. If they serve 28 shakes in that repeating order, how many of each kind do they serve?










Wee ones: 5 ingredients.

Little kids: 8 shakes.  Bonus: 11 inches.

Big kids: At 3:23 pm.  Bonus: 10 Haunted Chocolate, 9 (Gummy) Worms and Bears, and 9 Vampire Vanilla.


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