A Good Way to Get Dizzy

Merry-go-rounds, also called carousels, are all silly, and all different. They have different numbers of animals; some have 2 levels instead of 1; and they turn at different speeds. Today is National Merry-Go-Round Day, so let’s try doing the math about it!

Wee ones: If a merry-go-round has horses, giraffes, zebras, lions, cows, and tigers, how many kinds of animals does it have?

Little kids: If you ride the horse, then the zebra, then the lion, then the horse again to repeat, what do you ride next?  Bonus: If on 1 spin of the merry-go-round you go up 6 times and down 6 times, how many movements do you make?

Big kids: If your horse goes up and down 6 times as you go around once, how many times do you go up and down on 4 spins?  Bonus: If the animals are in rows of 3, how many rows do you need if you want to give seats to at least 50 people?











Wee ones: 6 kinds of animals.

Little kids: The zebra.  Bonus: 12 movements.

Big kids: 24 times.  Bonus: You need at least 17 rows, because 16 rows will give you only 48 seats.

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