Lucky 13?

October 13th is a Friday – a Friday the 13th! A lot of people think the number 13 is unlucky, so they worry bad things will happen today.  On a happier note, a lot of people have a lucky number: maybe their birthday, or the number of letters in their first name. Do you have a lucky number? Let’s check it out!

Wee ones: Think of your lucky number, or just pick a number you like. Try counting up to that number!

Little kids: If your lucky number is 9 but your friend’s lucky number is 6, who has the bigger lucky number?  Bonus: How much bigger is that lucky number than the other?

Big kids: If your lucky number is 5, so you clap for good luck 5 times before every soccer game, how many times do you clap in an 8-game season?  Bonus: If you also eat Cheerios with 5 on the spoon for every bite, how many bites do you need to eat a bowl of 63 Cheerios — with as few non-lucky bites as possible?

Wee ones: Count 1,2,3…

Little kids: Your lucky number is bigger.  Bonus: By 3.

Big kids: 40 claps.  Bonus: 13 bites, since 12 5’s will get you only to 60.

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