One Tough Tortoise

Tortoises are pretty tough, able to go 2 to 3 years without even eating. Even so, a family in Brazil was shocked to find their pet tortoise Manuela, who was lost 30 years ago – and to find her right in their backyard shed! How did she live for so long without help? She probably ate termites and other bugs, and drank water by licking “condensation” (the water droplets that show up on cold surfaces) off things in the shed. Manuela is a tough nut, but we bet she’s happy to be back in the house.

Wee ones: If you could last for 2 years without eating and you start now, how old will you be when you eat again?

Little kids: If Manuela is 50 years old right now, how old will she be a year from now?  Bonus: If instead Manuela went missing 30 years and that was half her life, how old is she now?

Big kids: If you have a pet dog and a pet tortoise who’s 100 years older, and together their ages add up to 120, how old is each one?  Bonus: If instead you have a pet tortoise who’s 12 times as old as you, how old is your tortoise?

Wee ones: Different for everyone…add 2 to your age!

Little kids: 51 years old.  Bonus: 60 years old.

Big kids: The dog is 10 years old and the tortoise is 110.  Bonus: Different for everyone…multiply your age by 12!

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