Winning by a Finger

Our fan Sydney B. asked, what’s the longest finger anyone has ever had? There doesn’t seem to be a world record for this, but the longest fingers probably live on the biggest hands, which right now belong to Sultan Kosen of Turkey. His hand is more than 11 inches long from his wrist to the tip of his middle finger. Football and basketball players wish they had hands like that!

Wee ones: Spot 3 things in the room that are shorter than your middle finger.

Little kids: If you count your fingers starting on your pinky, which finger is 4th?  Bonus: If you put both hands flat on the table, which finger is 8th if you start counting on the left pinky?

Big kids: If an octopus’ leg is 3 times as long as Sultan’s 11-inch hand, how long is the octopus’ leg?  Bonus: If you give a high 5 to 8 people, how many fingers (including thumbs) touch yours?

Wee ones: Answers might include crayon pieces, barrettes, or Legos.

Little kids: Your pointy finger.  Bonus: Your right middle finger.

Big kids: 33 inches.  Bonus: 40 fingers.

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