Lost and Found, Forever

Have you ever found something that you lost so long ago you forgot all about it? Imagine Derek Gamble, who lost his wallet on a train… 30 years later, train driver Michael Massey found it in the seats! Then there was a GoPro camera flying on a weather balloon over the Grand Canyon – until it got blown off course. An Arizona hiker found the camera 2 yearslater, full of amazing pictures of Earth from space. Well worth the wait!

Wee ones: If that long-lost wallet had 6 really old coins, what numbers would you say to count them?

Little kids: If your favorite Lego piece gets vacuumed up in March and pops out 3 months later, in what month do you get it back?  Bonus: If the space camera was launched in 2013 and found 2 years later, in what year was it found?

Big kids: If you’ve been searching for your favorite sneakers since October 17 and you find them tonight, how many days after losing them did you find them? (Reminder: October has 31 days, and today is November 3.)  Bonus: If the camera flew 5 miles up and then fell 5 miles down, how many feet did it travel? (Hint if needed: A mile has 5,280 feet.)

The sky’s the limit: If you lost your sneakers 10 months ago and found them 4 months later, and you lost your favorite shirt 2 years ago and found it halfway between losing and finding your sneakers, how long were you missing the shirt?

Wee ones: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Little kids: In June.  Bonus: In 2015.

Big kids: 17 days, since Oct. 31 takes you to 14 days.  Bonus: 52,800 feet, since it traveled 10 miles in total.

The sky’s the limit: 16 months. You lost your sneakers 10 months ago and found them 6 months ago (4 months later), making the halfway point 8 months. Your shirt went missing 24 months ago, so from that time to 8 months ago is 16 months.

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