That’s Some Snowwoman

This is Olympia, the world’s tallest snowman — snowwoman, actually.  She was built in 2008 and named after Senator Olympia Snowe. The snowwoman stood 122 feet tall, with skis for her eyelashes and wreaths for her eyes. She wore a 100-foot long scarf, and waved 2 whole 27-foot tall trees as arms. And imagine lugging her 8-foot nose up there!

Wee ones: Olympia had 2 wreaths for eyes, 3 wreaths for jacket buttons, and 2 trees for arms. Of which leafy object did she wear the most?

Little kids: If the snowwoman-builders stuck on a green ski, then a silver one, then a blue, then a red, then started over with green, how many green skis did they use after sticking on 8 in total?  Bonus: If they had 20 skis total and needed 8 skis for each eye, did they have enough skis for lashes for both eyes?

Big kids: Olympia’s scarf was 100 feet long, even though Olympia herself was 122 feet tall. How much taller than her own scarf was Olympia?  Bonus: If they’d made Olympia by stacking 2 giant snowballs, with the bottom one 6 feet taller than the top one, how big would each snowball have had to be to total 122 feet?

Wee ones: More wreaths.

Little kids: 2 green skis.  Bonus: Yes, since they needed just 16.

Big kids: 22 feet.  Bonus: 64 feet and 58 feet. If they’d been the same size, they’d each be 61 feet tall. As you make the bottom ball 1 foot bigger and the other 1 foot smaller, the difference between them grows by 2…so you go up 3 feet and down 3 feet from 61 to get 2 numbers that are 6 apart.

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