Squirt-Attack Robot

Do you like ketchup on your burger, fries, or hot dog? We’re loving this robot that squirts the ketchup for you. Of course, it would be better if the ketchup landed on the food — and as this video shows, that doesn’t always happen. Someone isn’t doing the math right!

Wee ones: If the robot squirts 6 times, what number squirt comes next?

Little kids: The robot tries to squirt ketchup on 1 plate of fries, 1 burger, and 4 hot dogs. How many items is that?  Bonus: What if it adds on a plate of fries for each burger and each of the 4 hot dogs? Now how many items get squirted?

Big kids: If the ketchup was supposed to squirt for 4 seconds but squirts for 4 times as long, how many extra seconds does the ketchup squirt?  Bonus: If the robot can drive by a row of hot dogs, and squirt 2 hot dogs every second, can it squirt 2 dozen of them in 15 seconds? (Reminder if needed: A dozen equals 12.)

Wee ones: The 7th squirt.

Little kids: 6 items.  Bonus: 11 items, since it has added 5 new ones.

Big kids: 12 extra seconds, since it squirts for 16.  Bonus: Yes, because it can squirt 30 hot dogs — even if not very well.

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