When Ice Cream Has You Hooked

The ice cream cone is almost as great an invention as ice cream itself. But now someone’s invented the ice cream tube. It’s a hollow J-shape that holds ice cream all through the tube, with the yumminess peeking out at both the high and low ends. Now you can switch back and forth easily between two flavors as you eat, and it drips less!

Wee ones: What shape does a regular pointy ice cream cone look like from the side?

Little kids: If you can fit 2 scoops of ice cream in a regular cone, but 4 more scoops than that in the crazy J, how many scoops does the J cone hold?  Bonus: If you then eat halfway through your J cone, how many scoops have you eaten?

Big kids: If a shop has 3 choices of flavors for the top end and 6 choices for the bottom, how many different combos can they serve you?  Bonus: If instead they serve 5 flavors in total and you pick 2 *different* ones for the top and bottom, now how many different combos could you get?

Wee ones: A triangle.

Little kids: 6 scoops.  Bonus: 3 scoops.

Big kids: 18, since each of the 3 top flavors could go with any of the 6 at the other end.  Bonus: 20 different pairs, since once you pick a flavor, you’ll have 4 others for the top, and you can do this for each of the 5 flavors.

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