It’s No Joke – Except It Is

July 1 is International Joke Day! So here are a few quick mathy jokes for you.
What’s the best thing about Switzerland? I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.
Parallel lines have so much in common – it’s a shame they’ll never meet.
A Mexican magician says he will disappear on the count of 3. Unos, dos, POOF – he disappears without a tres.
My friend is always cold, so I told her to sit in the corner. It’s always 90 degrees there.
I know only 25 letters of the alphabet and I don’t know why.

…with that, let’s do some math!

Wee ones: If the magician counted to 6 instead of 3, what extra numbers would the magician need to say? Say them in English or Spanish!

Little kids: Plus signs tell you to add 2 numbers together. What is 4 + 5?  Bonus: If the alphabet has 25 letters plus the letter Y, how many letters does it have?

Big kids: Find 2 parallel lines in the room – or more than 2! Bonus: If you swing a door halfway from closed to 90 degrees open, how many degrees have you opened the door?

Wee ones: Four, five, six – or quatro, cinco, seis in Spanish.

Little kids: 9.  Bonus: 26 letters.

Big kids: Parallel lines might be opposite edges of a rectangular picture frame, mirror, or table; lines on notebook paper; or stripes on a shirt!  Bonus: 45 degrees.

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