The 24 Most Important Guinea Pigs

We have no idea how the Buzzfeed people picked “The 24 Most Important Guinea Pigs” shown here, but some pigs must have won just for being so fluffy. Abyssinians have slightly longer hair that sticks out in poofy spirals called “rosettes” and Peruvians can grow hair longer than your hand! But as we see here, some guinea pigs would rather just dress up as dinosaurs.

Wee ones: How many guinea pigs do you see in the photos here all together?

Little kids: If an Abyssinian has 2 shoulder rosettes, 2 hip rosettes, 4 on its back and 2 on its butt, how many spirally fluffs does it have?  Bonus: If that Peruvian guinea pig has 6-inch long hair and your hair is twice as long, how long is your hair?

Big kids: In the 24 photos, one picture actually shows 5 guinea pigs, and 3 other photos show 2 guinea pigs each, while the rest each show 1 guinea pig. How many important guinea pigs do we really have?  Bonus: If guinea pig hair grows 1 inch every 2 months and the Peruvian starts with 2 inches in February, in what month does the hair reach 5 inches?




Wee ones: 5 guinea pigs.

Little kids: 10 fluffy rosettes.  Bonus: 12 inches long.

Big kids: 31 guinea pigs, since the photos give us 4 extra guinea pigs, plus 1, 1 and 1.  Bonus: In August, since the hair needs 6 months to grow 3 inches.

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