Ice Cream for Breakfast

Yes, the first Saturday in February really is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Ice cream has been around for over 2,000 years, ever since the Romans mixed fruit with ice for a tasty snack. But during a blizzard in 1966, a mom named Florence Rappaport gave her kids ice cream for breakfast since they were all stuck inside. They did the same thing every year after that and told friends about it. Now it’s a holiday we can all celebrate!

Wee ones: How many ice cream cones can you count in the photo?

Little kids: If you scoop chocolate, vanilla, mint, peanut butter cup, and coffee chip, which of those flavors is the 4th one?  Bonus: If you’re hungry enough to eat only 3 of those flavors, how many flavors do you leave behind?

Big kids: If you eat ice cream for breakfast only 1 day this year, how many days do you not eat it?  (Don’t forget there’s a Leap Day – 1 extra day – in 2024!) Bonus: If you scoop your ice cream for breakfast at 7:55 am, and it melts completely in 27 minutes, will you get to eat any in ice cream form at 8:30 am?

Wee ones: 4 cones.

Little kids: Peanut butter cup.  Bonus: 2 flavors.

Big kids: 365 days.  Bonus: No, since it will all melt by 8:22 am.

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