Where Ice Cream Flavors Go

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream comes out with crazy new flavors every year. Only some of these flavors aren’t, um, so yummy. When people don’t like a flavor, the factory stops making it, and it goes to the Flavor Graveyard. The flavor gets a headstone with a little poem that says why that ice cream had to call it quits. As you can see, some flavors run for a few years, but others go quickly to their final resting place.

Wee ones: The flavor “Peanuts! Popcorn!” did not go over well. If it had peanuts, popcorn, cream, eggs, and sugar, how many ingredients (foods) were mixed into that one?

Little kids: Turtle Soup wasn’t so good either – it lasted only 4 years. How much longer than that have you been around?  Bonus: If you eat a bowl of Turtle Soup, then Peanuts Popcorn, then Turtle Soup, then Peanuts! Popcorn!…what flavor do you eat in the 9th bowl?

Big kids: Poor Tennessee Mud didn’t last long. If it showed up September 1988 and went to the graveyard in June 1989, during how many months was it around?  Bonus: Bovinity Divinity’s chocolate cows were actually pretty tasty. If your bowl has 13 dark chocolate cows and 14 more white chocolate cows than that, how many cows do you have altogether?










Wee ones: 5 ingredients.

Little kids: Different for everyone…subtract 4 from your age. Or maybe you’re younger than Turtle Soup was!  Bonus: That yummy Turtle Soup.

Big kids: 10 months. June is 9 months later, but we need to include September itself.  Bonus: 40 cows, since there are 13 dark and 27 white.

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