The Castle Flying over Your Head

Hot air balloons are usually round, but they can come in other amazing blown-up shapes. There were castles and cartoon characters in the 433 balloons setting a world record for the biggest group of hot air balloons launching at once. A hot air balloon floats because a flame at the bottom burns gas to heat all the air inside. Smaller balloons hold 20,000 to 30,000cubic feet of air, but the biggest ever made held almost 3 million cubic feet!
Wee ones: When hot air balloons launch, you can do a “countdown.” Can you count down from 3?
Little kids: How many balloons can you see at least partly in the photo? (Don’t count the castle!) Bonus: If we see parts of 12 round balloons and 3 of those are in the air, how many are still waiting for take-off?

Big kids: If there were 2 castle balloons and 400 regular-shaped ones, how many of the 433 balloons were other shapes?  Bonus: If you ride the castle balloon launching at 2:38 pm, and land 57 minutes later, when do you land? (Hint if needed: What if you landed exactly 1 hour later, which is 60 minutes?)

Wee ones: Count out loud: 3, 2, 1, 0 – or liftoff! 

Little kids: We think we see 12 balloons.  Bonus: 9 balloons.

Big kids: 31 other balloons.  Bonus: At 3:35 pm.

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