A Little Bite of Lego

Lego bricks stack up great because they snap together so well, thanks to the funny bumps on top. But what if you made gummy candy that shape? In this video, the inventor of this makes gummy Lego in 7 different colors, neatly squirting the gooey gumminess into the trays using a ketchup bottle. Watch the video to find out the recipe!

Wee ones: If you make gummy Lego in blue, red, green and yellow, how many colors have you made?

Little kids: If you start with 9 gummy Legos and eat 3 of them, how many are left for building?  Bonus: If you have 9 gummy Legos, all either blue or red, and there’s 1 more blue than red, how many of each do you have?

Big kids: If you take 8 minutes to boil the mixture, 10 minutes to cool it and 9 minutes to squirt it into molds, how long does the project take?  Bonus: We can’t tell you how many gummy Legos are in your stack, but if you take away 4 from that number, double it and add 13, you get 37. How many gummy bricks are there?

Wee ones: 4 colors.

Little kids: 6 bricks.  Bonus: 5 blue and 4 red. If you had 1 less blue, you’d have 8 total and half would be blue.

Big kids: 27 minutes.  Bonus: 16 bricks. The doubled number has to be 24 (13 less than 37), so the number you had before subtracting 4 is 12.

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