Poofy Pack o’ Puppies

We are just loving this dog family photo of Golden Retriever puppies. Retrievers are eager, hard workers with a great sense of smell, and they love to play fetch. These puppies have far more brothers and sisters than we people usually do, but a mama retriever can have up to 12 puppies at once! That’s plenty of helpers to fetch your Frisbee.

Wee ones: How many puppies can we see in the picture?

Little kids: If you’re holding the puppy who was born 5th, how many puppies were born before her?  Bonus: If your golden puppy runs 10 feet to fetch a ball and then brings it right back to you, how far did he run in total?

Big kids: Goldens get really sad if left alone for more than 7 hours. If you leave the house at 1:30 in the afternoon, by what time should you be back?  Bonus: If a litter of puppies has 15 more legs than noses, how many puppies are there?

Wee ones: 5 puppies.

Little kids: 4 puppies.  Bonus: 20 feet.

Big kids: By 8:30 that night.  Bonus: 5 puppies. Each puppy has 3 more legs than noses, and 15 has 5 sets of that. They’ll have 20 legs and 5 noses.

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