Giraffe Hotel

A hotel is a place where you stay while away from home. If you’re in Kenya, you might also have a giraffe staying with you! Betty Leslie-Melville created a ranch where giraffes live to stay safe. The first giraffe, a baby named Daisy, was already 8 feet tall and weighed over 450 pounds when she arrived in 1974. Many giraffes have lived there since – and many humans have been happy to be their guests!

Wee ones: If 3 giraffes come down to breakfast and you feed carrots to 2 of them, how many giraffes are still waiting for a snack? Use your fingers to count if it helps!

Little kids: If the doors at the hotel are 6 feet high and Daisy was already 8 feet tall, how much did she have to duck to walk through?  Bonus: Daisy probably grew 10 feet taller by the time she was grown up. How tall did she become?

Big kids: If there are 12 giraffes at the Manor and the guests feed 4 apples to each one, how many apples do the giraffes munch down?  Bonus: When you were born, you were probably only around 20 inches tall. How much taller was Daisy at 8 feet?

Wee ones: 1 giraffe.

Little kids: 2 feet.  Bonus: 18 feet.

Big kids: 48 apples.  Bonus: 76 inches, since Daisy was 96 inches.

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