When Trucks Fly

by Laura Overdeck

When a daredevil rides a bike or a skateboard off a big ramp high into the air, that’s already crazy. It’s even crazier when people drive a racecar off a ramp. So imagine doing a jump like that in a huge truck! Driver Gregg Godfrey holds the world record for the longest jump by a truck, 166 feet. He shot off the ramp at 70 miles an hour, and landed without the truck breaking apart, though it did spin while skidding to a stop. Gregg actually beat an earlier record of 62 feet, which means he’s not the only person crazy enough to try this.

Wee ones: What shape is a truck tire?

Little kids: Which has more wheels, this 10-wheel truck or an 18-wheeler?  Bonus: How many more wheels does the 18-wheeler have?

Big kids: If you have some mix of 10-wheelers and 18-wheelers with 48 wheels in total, how many of each size truck must you have?  Bonus: A truck cab like that weighs about 20,000 pounds. How many 4,000-lb cars would have to stack up to match that?




Wee ones: A circle.

Little kids: An 18-wheeler.  Bonus: 8 more wheels.

Big kids: 1 18-wheeler and 3 10-wheelers.  Bonus: 5 cars.

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