Superhero on a Skateboard

If you’ve ever stood on a skateboard, a sled, a surfboard or skis, you know how cool it feels to ride them. Well, imagine riding that board through the sky, like a superhero who can fly. That’s pretty much what French jet skier Franky Zapata did, when he rode a “hoverboard” a whole 100 feet above water. That’s many times the height of your house — and he flew like that for almost a mile and a half! He broke the world record for the longest hoverboard ride. This flyboard can last for only 10 minutes, but luckily it can fly 93 miles per hour. So Franky made the most of his trip!

Wee ones: If you ride a surfboard, a skateboard, a scooter, a hoverboard, and a Flyboard Air, how many speedy vehicles do you ride?

Little kids: If you have a skateboard and a scooter, how many wheels do you have? (Skateboards have 4 wheels each, scooters have 2.)  Bonus: Say your 1st flyboard ride lasts 5 minutes and your 2nd is 9 minutes. If your friend’s first ride is 6 minutes, how long does her 2nd ride have to be to give her the same total time?

Big kids: The Flyboard can fly 93 miles an hour. How many miles an hour faster would it have to fly to reach 100?  Bonus: The Flyboard can fly as high as 10,000 feet! How many times as high as 100 feet is that?

The sky’s the limit — for real: At 90 miles an hour, how many miles can the Flyboard fly in 10 minutes? (Hint if needed: How big a piece of an hour is 10 minutes?)

Wee ones: 5 speedy vehicles.

Little kids: 6 wheels.  Bonus: 8 minutes, since the total is 14.

Big kids: 7 miles an hour faster.  Bonus: 100 times as high.

The sky’s the limit: 15 miles. Since 10 minutes is 1/6 of an hour, it will fly 1/6 of 90 miles.

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