The Cutest Octopus

Usually when we talk about octopuses, “cute” isn’t what we think first. But this eight-legged critter here really is cute. It’s called a flapjack octopus, since the webbing between its legs makes it look like a pancake. It lives as far as 2,000 feet deep in the ocean, but this one lives now at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Everyone there hopes the octopus will lay eggs. If that happens, you can bet the babies will be cute!

Wee ones: Who has more legs, you or an octopus? (All octopuses have 8 legs.)

Little kids: How many legs do you and an octopus have together?  Bonus: If it’s June right now and the octopus finally lays eggs 4 months from now, in what month will they show up?

Big kids: If you can scuba dive a whole mile deep (5,280 feet), and the cute octopus makes it only to 1,000 feet, how much deeper did you swim?  Bonus: Which would stretch farther on your kitchen counter, a row of 6 8-inch flapjacks, or 7 of these 7-inch flapjack octopuses?

Wee ones: The octopus.

Little kids: 10 legs.  Bonus: In October.

Big kids: 4,280 feet.  Bonus: The 7 octopuses, since they’d reach 49 inches, while the pancakes would span only 48 inches.

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