How to Feed a Shark

Feeding a shark is not easy. But here’s how they do it at at Ripley Aquarium in Toronto. First the workers, or “aquarists,” scoot the sea turtles out of the tank: each turtle has learned to swim towards its own colored stick. Then the workers feed all the small fish in the corners of the tank and along the bottom. Finally, with them all out of the way, the aquarists stick fish on a long pole and hold it over each shark. The sharks eat just 3 times a week, but chow down 1,000 pounds of fish in that time!

Wee ones: If the sharks eat 3 times in a week and have eaten twice already, how many more meals do they have left?

Little kids: If the sharks eat every other day starting on Monday (meaning they eat, then skip a day, then eat…), on what days do they eat their other 2 meals?  Bonus: If the sharks eat 3 times in a week, how many days do they not eat?

Big kids: If the sharks are fed 300 pounds on each of their days, do they get their full 1,000 pounds of fish?  Bonus: If there are 5 sharks in the tank and they all eat the same amount, how much food is each one eating in a week?

Wee ones: 1 more time.

Little kids: Wednesday and Friday.  Bonus: 4 days.

Big kids: No, since that will add up to “only” 900 pounds.  Bonus: 200 pounds per shark.

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